Lord Mayor Earid Tawold

Townmaster of Tradeburh


In his early fifties, Tawold is overweight and has thinning gray hair, watery brown eyes, and a mouth that is typically either turned up in an obsequious grin or down in a pessimistic frown. He wears rich, brocaded tunics and a soft velvet hat with trim.


Lord Mayor Tawold is pompous and cowardly. Until recently, Tawold was the townmaster of Tradeburh, and he relished the wealth and power it provides.

Tawold avoided taking action on the Brass Nails, for fear of retribution, claiming they were simply a mercenary band and not causing any real trouble. After the adventurers broke up most of the gang, Lord Krynt Whitelock led the Silver Talons to drive the rest of the ruffians out, and deposed Tawold, accusing him of colluding with the group. Tawold now sits in prison, awaiting justice.

Lord Mayor Earid Tawold

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