Lady Geleue Paimor

A noblewoman from Tabrycg revealed to be the mysterious Black mask


Lady Paimor was a beautiful young noblewoman with a complexion the color of fresh cream and deep hazel eyes. Her lush black hair was bound by a gold circlet, and she wore a rich dress cut to accentuate her figure and a heavy gold necklace. She wore a delicate, black lace mask that accentuated her features more than it hid them.


Originally from Tabrycg, Lady Paimor arrived in Tradeburh a few months before the adventurers did. She disappeared shortly thereafter, and was not seen in town since – at least, not that anyone realized. It was revealed by the adventurers that Lady Paimor had taken the identity of the Black Mask and taken over the Brass Nails gang. Her motives for this were a mystery.

Lady Geleue Paimor

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