Lady Balta Kinreath

An ealdorwoman of Tradeburh.


Lady Kinreath is a handsome woman of some forty years of age, with silver-blonde hair and deep green eyes. She dresses in rich but simple clothes, and wears her hair in a crespine with a gold circlet.


A noble and ealderwoman of the town of Tradeburh, Lady Kinreath has wealth and influence, but limited authority. Lady Kinreath has impeccable manners and a deep well of patience.

Lady Kinreath was deeply concerned while the Brass Nails were wreaking havoc in the town, and grew very frustrated with Lord Mayor Tawold’s inaction. Now that the whole business has been dealt with thanks to Lord Krynt Whitelock and the Silver Talons, she hopes that things in Tradeburh will settle down and prosperity will return to the town.

Lady Balta Kinreath

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