Dark Age of Genosha is a fantasy role-playing campaign set in the world of Genosha. It is partly inspired by classic sword and sorcery stories by writers such as Robert E. Howard and Karl Edward Wagner, as well as by the history of the early medieval period of our own world.

The core tenets of this campaign include the following:

  • The world is ancient. Empires rise and fall through countless ages, leaving behind ruins, legends, and little else.
  • The world is mysterious. Beyond city walls and the light of campfires, ferocious beasts, bloodthirsty barbarians, heartless slavers, and dense wilderness hide the unknown.
  • Knowledge is scarce and valuable. It is treasured and, by some, hoarded.
  • Manufactured goods are valuable. There is no mass production and fewer specialized craftspeople than in other periods.
  • Magic is rare. Many people fear it, no matter the source. There are those who claim that magic is corrupting, and not meant for this world.
  • Magic items are rare, even priceless. There are no shops where one can buy magic items, and many magic items are one of a kind.

Dark Age of Genosha

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