A number of major religions are practiced across the continent of Calthera.

The Caltheran Pantheon | The Children of Io |  The Church of Tera

The Divine Clan | Tel'Seldarine

The Caltheran Pantheon

The dominant religion of the region is the Caltheran Pantheon. It is occasionally still called the Divine Seven, as it originally had seven deities, but it has expanded over the ages to include the primary gods of several nonhuman pantheons.


Avandra The goddess of change, Avandra delights in freedom, trade, travel, adventure, and the frontier.

Bahamut The Platinum Dragon, god of justice, protection, nobility, and honor.

Corellon The elven god of spring, beauty, arcane magic, and the arts.

Erathis The goddess of civilization, invention, law, and cities. 

Ioun The god of knowledge, skill, prophecy, and the study of arcane magic. Domain: Knowledge

Kord The storm god and lord of battle.

Melora The goddess of the wilderness and the sea. 

Moradin The dwarven god of creation and patron of artists, especially miners and smiths. 

Pelor The god of sun and summer. Domain: Light

The Raven Queen The goddess of death and winter. 

Sehanine The goddess of the moon, autumn, and love.

The Children of Io

The dragonborn of Arkhosia believe they were created by Io, the great dragon god who created the world before he was slain through treachery during the Dawn War at the beginning of history. At the instant of his death, the two great deities, Bahamut and Tiamat, were born.


Bahamut God of good dragons, justice, protection, nobility, and honor.

Tiamat Goddess of evil dragons, conquest, greed, and cruelty.

The Church of Tera

The worship of Tera is a religion that only recently began to make its way to the region from the distant west. Believers claim that Tera is the only god, and all others are false gods. Clerics of Tera choose to represent either her Creator or Destroyer aspect.

The Divine Clan

Dwarves believe they were forged by Moradin, the All-Father. The other dwarven gods join with him to form a group of deities revered by all dwarves.


Abbathor The god of greed is the only evil deity in the dwarven pantheon, but is tolerated for his loyalty to the other gods.

Berranor Truesilver Goddess of safety, truth, home, and healing.

Clanggedin Silverbeard NG. God of battle and war. Domain: War

Dugmaren Brightmantle God of scholarship, discovery, and invention. Domain: Knowledge

Dumathoin God of exploration of mining and keeper of secrets, and the protector of the dwarven dead. 

Moradin The greater god of all dwarves, as well as creation, smithing, protection, metalcraft, and stonework.

Mya Moradin’s wife and goddess of clan, family, and wisdom.

Thautam God of magic and darkness.

Ulaa Intermediate goddess of hills, mountains, and gemstones.

Valkauna Goddess of oaths, death, and birth.

Vergadain God of wealth and luck.


Tel’Seldarine roughly translates as “the fellowship of brothers and sisters of the wood.” It is the pantheon of gods worshipped by eladrin and elves.


Aerdrie Faenya Goddess of air, weather, avians, rain, and fertility.

Corellon Larethian Leader of the elven pantheon and god of magic, music, arts, crafts, poetry, and warfare.

Elebrin Liothiel God of nature, gardens, orchards, and harvest.

Erevan Ilesere God of mischief, change, and rogues.

Hanali Celanil Goddess of love, romance, beauty, fine art, and artists.

Labelas Enoreth The god who governs the orderly passage of time and guards against those who would alter the path of history.

Rillifane Rallathil God of woodlands, nature, and druids.

Sehanine Moonbow Corellon Larethian’s consort and goddess of the moon, autumn, and love.

Solonor Thelandira God of archery, hunting, and wilderness survival.

Vandria Gilmadrith Daughter of Corellon Larethian and goddess of war, justice, and grief.



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