Tag: dead


  • Ziri Kibizar

    Ziri Kibizar was a member of the [[Order of the Sundered Chain]] and an ally of [[:askar-flinthand | Askar Flinthand]]. After discovering a ring of slavers who were also worshipping [[Torog | Torog]], she died bringing the message of their existence to …

  • Master Pung

    Pung was in possession of a strange glass cube. When questioned, one of his followers said that the cube spoke to Pung, and was the source of his powers. The full truth will likely never be known, as the adventurers killed Pung and his followers.

  • Lady Geleue Paimor

    Originally from [[Tabrycg]], Lady Paimor arrived in [[Tradeburh]] a few months before the adventurers did. She disappeared shortly thereafter, and was not seen in town since - at least, not that anyone realized. It was revealed by the adventurers that …