Tag: Baywick


  • Hraelee

    Hraelee is a small, remote fishing village on the short of the [[Silver Sea]]. A part of the Siraxtland province of Baywick, it is governed by the local lord's reeve,

  • Tradeburh

    Tradeburh is a fortified settlement located at the meeting point of three major roads. The old stone and brick buildings still in use (and the abandoned stone foundations outside the town) were constructed when [[Arkhosia]] still ruled the region - or …

  • Nebin Bluestream

    Nebin was recently kidnapped by a cult of Torog, along with several members of his family. Nebin was tortured and forced to watch as two of his cousins were turned into horrible monstrosities by the cult. Fortunately, his life was spared when the …

  • Shaena Bluestream

    Shaena is the wife of [[:jangi-bluestream | Jangi Bluestream]] and matriarch of the Bluestream clan, an extended family of halflings who tend a farm a few miles outside of [[Hraelee | Hraelee]]. Shaena is quiet and reserved, but occasionally interjects a …