Shaena Bluestream

Wife of Jangi and matriarch of the Bluestream clan.


Shaena Bluestream has silver hair and soft blue eyes. Her face is careworn, with high cheeks and a round nose. Her clothes are simple and patched in several places, and she wears a wide-brimmed hat when working outdoors.


Shaena is the wife of Jangi Bluestream and matriarch of the Bluestream clan, an extended family of halflings who tend a farm a few miles outside of Hraelee. Shaena is quiet and reserved, but occasionally interjects a bit of homespun wisdom into a conversation that others do well to think on.

Shaena, along with her niece Lani and two of her nephews, Nebin and Wayan, were recently kidnapped by a group of cultists to Torog. She and Nebin were rescued by a group of adventurers, but not before Lani and Wayan were tortured and slain in a horrific ritual that turned them into hideous, wolf-headed monstrosities.

Shaena has returned to her farm, but the horrific experience she has endured is sure to leave a lasting scar.

Shaena Bluestream

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