Gane the Dog Man

A traveling entertainer with a pack of performing dogs.


Gane is a tough, lean human in his late forties with grey hair and a close-cropped beard. He has a hooked nose, brown eyes, and a warm grin. He wears well-made but travel-stained clothes and a dark woolen cloak.


Gane travels in a wagon drawn by a sturdy draft horse, and in the back is the pack of trained dogs – terriers, hounds, and mutts – that perform acrobatic tricks that delight common folk and allow him entry into the halls of many lords.

It is an open secret among the nobles and ealdormen of the region that Gane’s true business is peddling information. He gathers rumors, innuendo, and stories wherever he goes, and sells them to those willing to pay his price.

Gane the Dog Man

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